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Get your Divorce class certificate immediately when you enroll and complete our Nationally Accepted Online Court Ordered Parenting Class today for just $39.95, you'll get instant access to everything you need to earn your court's required Certificate of Completion. You may start the course immediately, complete as much or as little as you like at each sitting. You may log on and off the course as often as you like. Once you've completed your studies, you may download your required certificate and print it in just a few seconds.

Just $39.95 for total access to the course today backed by our 30 day Money Back Guarantee, plus a free downloadable copy of our new book My Parenting Plans as a Thank You when you enroll now.

Preview the material by viewing the Course Excerpt and introduction to parenting through divorce concepts.

Course Excerpt

Court Ordered Parenting Classes

Our Court Ordered Parenting Class online program (also called the "Parent Education & Family Stabilization Course") is widely recognized and accepted by most courts; it should be noted that each county, state, or local jurisdiction has their own requirements, so please ask your legal advisor to check with the court/judicial circuit where your divorce is filed to see if your court will accept an online course.

Here's what you'll learn when you enroll in our online Parenting course:

This web based parenting class is the ideal format for all parents in a divorce, separation, or custody process- significant others, grandparents and adult siblings find it helpful too. Through the course you'll gain an understanding of the effects of a broken home on your children and ways to help. You'll learn techniques to help ease the pain plus learn new coping skills to make this emotional time less stressful on all involved.

As a student in our class, you'll learn to:

  • see divorce or the ending of your relationship as a family matter, rather than an adversarial legal case.
  • empower yourself to make better choices for yourself, and your children, rather than having decisions imposed upon you by attorneys and the courts
  • see divorce through your children's eyes so you may understand their feelings and fears and create a home which fosters security and love
  • find alternative ways of resolving conflicts, rather than using the courtroom as a battlefield for unresolved divorce issues
  • recognize the direct correlation between rage, fear, and the need for control, as they relate to custody and visitation issues
  • create a parenting plan that works
  • stop retribution and condemnation of the other parent to dramatically improve your children's development and adjustment, and prevent long lasting negative results
  • identify and cope with your traumatic emotions as you go through the process of a divorce or separation
  • understand your children's reaction to separation and divorce, and know the long term ramifications for each child is measured by their ability to develop and live in a healthy atmosphere
  • establish new boundaries, and behave more appropriately in your new roles with each other and your children

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